How to Measure Carpet? Carpet Calculator for Home Consumers

Graphical carpet layout and square footage calculator for consumers

This FREE online carpet calculator (a graphical square footage calculator) allows to layout any shaped rooms with exact measurement and it measures square footage for carpet or other flooring materials needed to cover the rooms. This is NOT a replacement for professional estimate but rather something to compare it with.

The carpet calculator is a simplified web edition of a professional flooring layout software called FloorEstimate Pro. 

Start Online Carpet Square Footage Calculator (Microsoft Internet Explorer browser required to run it)


Download and install MeasureSquare carpet estimator app for iPad/iPhone

Carpet Layout & Estimating Software for Flooring Professionals


    FloorEstimate Pro software eliminates 99% of estimating and installation errors

    A computer estimated project with seam diagram (middle), cut sheet (top), linear length & cut list (left)   >> Learn More...

  • Measure Footage, Linear Length, Cut Sheet and Cut List. Flooring Takeoff & Estimating with Speed and Accuracy with MeasureSquare software.

    90% of lost sales and installation mishaps are due to inaccurate estimates. MeasureSquare Estimating Solution eliminates 99% of estimating and installation errors for all flooring business types: Commercial Flooring, Retail Flooring and Installations. Also enabled for web-based project management.

    >> Learn More...


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