Pattern carpet or vinyl is shown in grid lines indicating pattern repeat. Pattern carpet and vinyl layout are similar to regular carpet layout except the program matches the cuts with patterns and across selected rooms automatically. Refer to previous section for details on how to do regular carpet and vinyl layout.


Select Rooms for Pattern Match:

For pattern material to flow from one room to another, related rooms need to be picked up for pattern match.

        Step 1: Use Ctrl key to pick up (highlight) multiple rooms for pattern matching

        Step 2: Right-click over any selected  room (highlighted), on pop-up menu, select Set Pattern Start

        Step 3: Move mouse pointer to any desire location, Left-click on any point as starting point to take effect





 At estimating mode, shifting pattern grid for optimized cuts before clicking on the start point: After selecting Set Pattern Start but before clicking on a starting point, use Arrow keys (left, right, up, down) to shift the pattern grids and observe the cut sheet for optimized layout result, then click on the point with desired layout (or hit Esc to lock to the point).



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