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FEP2011 Professional Edition Software for Tile Designer

Professional Tile Layout and Designer in 2D/3D

Edition Description

FEP2011 Professional Edition

Price: $2495 or $149/mo  

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Key Features:
  • Floor layout and design (borders, door, window, islands, cabinet, fireplaces, showers, kitchens, etc)
  • Tile placement on floors, bases, walls and ceilings (applied to ceramic tile, carpet/vinyl tiles, and laminate planks)
  • Existing library of popular tile pattern templates
  • Create your own tile patterns with tile pattern editor
  • Create random pattern designs with tile replacement feature
  • Create realistic 2D and 3D view of the design (with tile texture images)
  • Generate installation ready diagram for installers
  • Accurate and professional tile usage report (with add-ons like grout, thin-set, deco, bull nose, labor items)
  • Import PDF, AutoCAD, jpg, tip, png etc.

Best For: Tile related flooring jobs by commercial contractors, multi-family contractors, flooring dealers

Training/Support/Updates:  Live customer phone support, web or classroom training available


tile layout and estimating software 

tile layout and estimating 3d view

Key Features of FEP2011 Professional Edition for Tile Designer

Features Description
Floor Plan Layout and Modeling
  • Tile area inside a room, kitchen, or shower can be easily modeled by the program with drawing tools
  • Any angled or curved walls, island or takeout area in a room
  • Floor can be split into separate areas
  • Walls can be divided into multiple sections for different tile products
3D Rendering View
  • Show rooms with floor and walls in 3D view with tile layout
  • Rotate, zoom and shift in any angle and location
  • Printout 3D view
Tile Material and Add-on Database Setup
  • Add any sized tile items and associated add-on items (grout, bull nose, thin set, deco, labor items)
  • Attach real tile texture images
Tile Placement on Floor, Walls and Ceiling
  • Drag and place tile items to any floor, wall or ceiling areas
  • Tile layout direction can be aligned along any wall
  • Apply base at room perimeter or segments of perimeter
  • Apply bull nose any segments or verticals of walls
Tile Matching Across Connected Rooms
  • Tile grid can be aligned and matched across connected rooms through doorways and hallways
  • Tile grid can be easily centered in a room area
Tile Pattern Templates
  • Select from a panel of existing tile patterns (like checker board, herringbone, etc.)
  • Drag and apply to any tile area
Tile Designer
  • Select a tile area and pick any number of tiles for replacing with another tile to form a design
Tile Pattern Editor
  • Create your own tile pattern by selecting any sized tiles and placing them at desired locations to form a pattern
Tile Usage Estimating
  • Estimating panel shows quantity (SF), waste ratio, covered area, number of boxes, number of pieces for each applied tile item
  • List all tile product usages (and add-on items usages) or list usages by room
  • Direct print out worksheet
  • Specify project-level add-on items
  • Export detail room takeoff data (floor area, base perimeter, wall area, # of doors, outside/inside corners, etc.)
Quotation, Work Order, Purchase Order and Invoice Forms
  • Create multiple quotation sheets, work orders
  • Markup project profit or price increase at project level
  • Create vendor database
  • Create multiple purchase orders
  • Create multiple invoices
  • Convert quotation sheet to invoice
Printout and Export to PDF
  • Printout estimation summary and room diagram
  • Save to PDF file
Check List
  • Define project, product or room level check lists
  • Prompt at project save for incomplete checklists

FEP2011 Tile Designer: Tutorials

Subject Suggested Classes
Material database setup
Room drawing
Material Assigments
Layout Estimating
Measure with Laser Disto A6

Example Screens

Floor Plan Layout
A typical residential house plan for carpet replacement
Kitchen with Ceramic Tile with island and curved wall Floor plan layout with tile placement  with basement, main floor and second floor (multi-floor house)
A typical floor plan layout Kitchen with an island for Tile Layout Multi-floor house plan with different flooring materials
Tile Design Layout
A typical tile layout in a kitchen Tile diagonal layout with border and on the walls Tile layout with special pattern and on curved walls
Kitchen tile with border Tile layout with border and onto walls Tile layout on ballroom with counter top and special tile pattern
Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate
A typical vinyl layout with estimates and cut sheet Hardwood layout with estimates Laminate layout with estimates
Vinyl layout Hardwood and laminate layout and estimates Laminate flooring layout
Installation Diagram
Carpet cut sheet and cut list and seam diagram printout Pattern matched carpet layout, cut list and cut sheet Multiple material layout diagram (carpet, pattern carpet and tile with a curved wall)
Cut sheet and cut list printout Pattern matched carpet for multiple connected rooms Multiple flooring material layout
Proposal, Work Sheet, Invoice, Sales Contract, Report
Automatically generate a proposal to bid for a job (ready to be signed by a customer) Work sheet to calculate price markup, tax, profit margin and total sales amount Print or attach an invoice to a customer by email
Bid Proposal Proposal worksheet, markup and profit calculator Invoice printout

Computer Operating System and Hardware Requirements

FEP2011 Editions Supported Operating System Minimum Hardware Configuration
  • FEP2011 Professional Edition for Tile Designer
  • Window XP
  • Window Vista/Windows 7 (all editions including 64bit)
  • Any Intel Pentium, i3, i5, i7 or AMD processor
  • 512MB SDRAM (2GB or more recommended for commercial jobs)
  • 100 MB available hard disk space
  • Color printer
For best performance for commercial takeoffs, consider Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo (or i5, i7), 3GB DDR2 SDRAM, 240 GB Drive. For faster speed, upgrade the processor to Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600, and memory to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM.


Commercial Flooring Takeoff
Retail Measure Estimating
Installation Layout
Digitizing Hardware
Laser Measuring Disto
Sales Automation

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"As a pro carpet estimator with over 20 years experience, I can attest to the speed and accuracy of the Floor Estimate Pro. The ability to visually describe flooring layout and room seaming of a job is a tremendous advantage when closing a sale. This software product is certainly worth its weight in gold."

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